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How is Instagram helping brands grow

My business is a pet supply store, and I handle most of my marketing on Instagram. It took me a while to get things out, but my business page now has over 25k followers. Here’s how I went about it:

How to grow brand on Instagram?

First and foremost, I improved my profile by changing the profile photo to a more modern logo design. I had no idea how significant it was until now. I also alter the color of the logo for different holidays and yearly events simply for fun. Next, I updated the page bio to ensure that visitors understand what my store is all about and what our “purpose statement” is. To make it easier for my consumers to identify new things we’re receiving in or occasional sales, I also include a link to our website.

I decided on a general style and adhered to it; no more haphazard, half-assed photos for me. I also usually use the same filter because I want to establish a certain style and I prefer it that way.

I used video and user-generated content (UGC) – whenever I obtain a new product that I want to promote, I make a short video about it and post it to the page. I also re-post client testimonials and give them shout-outs.

I started hosting giveaways because everyone enjoys getting free goods, and if one of the requirements is that they follow your account, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will do so without hesitation.

I developed a posting schedule and worked around it; I post fresh content twice a week, and my followers know what to anticipate and when to expect it. Of course, I occasionally deviate from my routine, but this is rare.

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I received a tiny lift since I was starting to think it was taking too long and that my hard work wasn’t paying off. I went ahead and checked for companies that allow you purchase Instagram followers and likes on the suggestion of a Social Media Marketer. I kept my numbers proportionate and balanced my follows and likes, and before I knew it, I was gaining more exposure and new people were joining in every day (and they are still joining in!).

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