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How to attract customers to my company?

“How to attract customers for my business?” This is a question that any manager must ask himself at various times. Whether sales aren’t going well or when you can’t generate leads, it doesn’t matter. And actually, it’s something that needs to happen. This doubt, this questioning. Within the mission of how to attract customers to your company, you must always be aware of internal processes. How the work routine takes place. There are many factors that, when externalized, make the difference to get more or less people interested in what you sell. There are many and constant doubts, but one thing must always be clear to be able to sell more and better. It is necessary to have people trained and engaged with this task. They are responsible for generating value to the customer – and this needs to happen from the first to the last contact with your brand. So how do you attract customers to your business? [Thrive leads id=’14088′] In this article, we have prepared 8 tips. They cover the entire prospecting process. Some are simpler and you can put them into practice right away. Let’s check it out? Good reading!

8 tips on how to attract customers to businesses every day

Improving customer acquisition needs to be a focus of your business. Without consumers, you know, there’s no way any business can grow healthily. Therefore, within the mission of how to attract customers to your brand, following a few steps is a safe, effective and often free path. We’ve separated 8 tips for you who want to improve your business’ lead generation. It is important to be clear that many of them are focused on the inbound marketing strategy, in order to create a reference image in the area of ​​your business. But outbound marketing it cannot be left out either. There are times and times – and you need to be strategic enough to know what to do. Check out the tips we have separated for you:

1 – Produce good content

How to attract customers? Produce great content!

Content marketing (inbound, which we mentioned above) is a cheap and effective way to attract customers to your company. Within this reality, the blog is a great way to place content related to your business. And, as we also said, show the market that you are an authority on what you do. People will read you and understand that they can feel much safer if they want to buy your solution. Produce texts for the 3 stages of the sales funnel. Let’s say your company sells air conditioning installation services, right? So think about content like:

  • Funnel top (Tofu): talk more comprehensively about the product, bring curiosities, studies related to what you sell, among others;
  • Funnel Medium (MO Fu): Go a little deeper and be a little more commercial and specific about what your company does and how it happens;
  • Funnel fund (Bo Fu): discuss prices, comparisons with other companies, advantages, etc.

This content targeting, by the way, need not (and cannot) be just for blogs. It’s also good for tip 3 – but we’ll get there soon, okay? But, one thing needs to be clear. These are the 3 stages of buying a lead. At the top, he is looking for basic information and finding everything he needs. In between, you are recognizing your needs and considering the solution. And, deep down, you are deciding whether to buy or not. You need to have content for all these steps. This way, people will trust you from the first contact with your company.

Distribute content consciously

How to attract more customers? distributing content well

You have to show yourself to the market all the time. Your customers need to identify your business and where better to do this (free of charge) than social media? But, importantly: know what you have on hand to know where to go. For B2B sales, for example, LinkedIn is a social network that works really well. Entrepreneurs and service providers also have this platform as an ally. In addition to having millions of users, access to decision-makers is much easier. You can reach prospects much easier. By identifying them, you will know, within the content you have generated for your segment, who to communicate with and how to do it. Also, if you have a sales system that can capture leads from LinkedIn and put them directly into your software, the job of attracting customers is much easier. But your audience can be more present on Facebook. And, therefore, having CRM software for Facebook Ads Leads helps a lot to act assertively on the generated contacts. Another useful and very efficient way to send your content is through a weekly targeted newsletter with topics relevant to potential customers.

2 – Optimize this generated content

Attracting Customers: Use SEO Strategies

Rather than generating content, it’s doing it within Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) parameters. It is a set of strategies that aim to place your best-ranked page in the search engine. This is a very important step of website development. Because SEO must be considered from the beginning of the project. Your goal, of course, needs to be top of the page when searching for keywords that make sense for your business. In fact, both your blog and your website need to be created and serviced within these strategies. After all, let’s face it: who will go to page 13, 14, 15 of Google looking for results, right? So, thinking about the example of the air conditioning installation company. Let’s say she stays in the city of Porto Alleger. Some keywords that make sense for this business are:

  • Porto Alleger air conditioning installation
  • where to install air conditioning Porto alleger
  • how much does it cost to install air conditioning

Among so many others.

But be careful: don’t push the envelope!

Don't push the envelope when attracting customers

Therefore, they need to be present on your website and blog pages. But do it fluidly, without seeming to want to force the presence of those words. You want to rank well on Google but don’t forget that you’re writing for people. They are the ones who will hire your service. Do something with whimsy and don’t forget to put images with these keywords to better rank. Here we’ve separated some contents that will help you understand this tip better:

  • article:  SEO Checklist, drive traffic with perfectly optimized pages ;
  • EBook: How to Generate Leads and Boost Sales with Google Ad words.

3 – Offer people useful materials

Rich materials, great way to attract more customers

To put inside your texts that are better positioned on Google, or that have more traffic, think of some rich and useful material for people. It can be an “extra” that complements or puts into practice the theory exposed in the article you wrote. Want an example? If you’ve talked about personal finance in an article, then create a spreadsheet so the person can track their spending. This can be done within Google Drive by placing a public share link. Then create a landing page where you ask that person for some data. After all, it’s an exchange: you give rich material and it gives you your name, email address, company name, or any other information you need. But here, beware: don’t ask for too much data so that it doesn’t seem invasive and, consequently, you don’t have a high bounce rate.

Be creative in your materials

Creativity for the mission of attracting customers

The task of attracting customers also involves creativity to create materials that are important to people. There are several formats that exist – but everything is valid. As long, of course, as it creates value to the prospects and, subsequently, makes the customer’s success always greater. You can invest in:

  • eBooks;
  • info graphics;
  • webinars;
  • guides;
  • researches;
  • quiz;
  • games

And so on. The formats can be in pdf, pot, through links, it will depend a lot on what you are going to do. Ah! Just reinforcing, don’t forget, of course, to request their contact in return. That’s how you generate valuable leads.

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4 – Seek strategic partnerships

Find partners to attract more customers

Partners are essential to further expand the base of people who may want to consume your brand. It’s a great way to reach an audience you haven’t been able to reach faster and more securely. Look for partners that have to do with your business. That complement what you sell and that, of course, are good for your company’s image. An example of this? A digital marketing agency can team up with CRM software to offer a complete solution to your customers: prospect customers and, later, be able to sell to them. And then this partnership can take place in different ways. One of the simplest and most effective is performing marketing, creating some of the rich materials mentioned above. Live webinars are great opportunities to, together with the partner, generate a lot of value to people – even being able to answer questions in real-time. There are a few points in relation to partnerships:

  • everyone needs to be equally engaged;
  • you need to organize yourself very well with dates and deadlines;
  • the dissemination of the created material needs to be done equally;
  • The responsibility for creating the pieces for dissemination and LP needs to be defined in advance.

Partnerships need to be good for both sides. So, do some research about who you think might be a good partner? Inform yourself, see if you are not competitors in a certain way. Make sure it makes sense to pair your brand with another, right?

5 – Check your presence at events that your audience will be

How to attract customers at events?

Another way to strengthen partnerships is to be present at events where the profile of the ideal client of your business will be present. It is a very effective way of attracting customers to your organization because you will be in direct, live contact with your potential buyers. In B2B sales, for example, which are more complex, one of the main events in the area is the Ramp UP Tour, which passes through the main cities in Brazil. Events are suitable for companies from any segment, of course. And the sales cycle is also independent, whether it is long, short or medium. It does not matter. What is essential is to identify which events within the segment that your business is inserted make sense. Also study who is the audience. If they were frequented bye, managers then probably worth it. If it’s more college-oriented, then it might not make that much sense. Also, you don’t exactly need to sponsor the event, with a booth for exhibitors. If the budget is still short for this type of active prospecting for customers, just check in, then. But, of course, invest incorporate cards – and save a space in your briefcase to collect so many others. Then get to work. Use your inside sales strategies to tap into these leads and ensure your sales team will generate value for that prospect.

How to make an event as profitable as possible?

  • Don’t be embarrassed. Arrive early and introduce yourself to participants;
  • After each interaction always leave your business card or ask to connect via LinkedIn;
  • Consume lots of exhibition content from the event – ​​this will bring future insights;
  • For each lead generated, after the event, send an email thanking you for the moment of conversation and make yourself available to deepen the subject;
  • Finally, add the contact (ask for permission if you think you should) to your base of contacts who receive your weekly newsletter – so you’ll be constantly in touch with those leads who can see value in what you communicate.

6 – Help the customer to see themselves with the product

Another effective way to show the value of what you sell is to have the potential customer see themselves using or consuming your brand. Storytelling techniques work very well right now. Create a hero’s journey, where, in the end, by having bought what you sell, he was able to solve your problem and had great well-being from it – both for himself and for the group, for example. This can be done in video format, egg micro-series on your company’s YouTube channel. If we think about a shoe store, this is already a widely used strategy. The salesperson invites the customer to try a certain shoe and praises how it is on the person’s feet, saying that it matched the pants. So try to carry this concept into your reality. It can be within the sales pitch of the sales team. Sales playbook of your business as this should occur so that it can be quickly consulted when necessary, how about?

7 – Expose your differentials

It is necessary to make it clear that your company is different from others. Especially because of the technology that brings information to everyone’s access and makes customers more and more demanding. They know who your company is, they’ve certainly done some prior research. Even more so if there are high amounts in business. Therefore, it is necessary to expose its differentials. And the branding that helps a lot. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to explore the potential that your website has. Put social proofs on the homepage, with testimonials from customers (real people) who bought your solution and eliminated the “pain” they had. But, we can go deeper. Take advantage of your blog and write a complete case about a client who managed, through your company, to eliminate the problems he had and, even better, to grow. Make not only text, but also a video if possible. Then, when communicating to the market, you can make it available through a landing page. You can advertise this way: “See how an X industry company tripled their lead generation using (your company name)’s solutions.” And already generate leads from there. Ah! These cases will also be useful for salespeople to use if they need to work around any objections their prospects might have. But, of course, it will be up to the sales leader put this inside the playbook – together with his team – so that it’s always quick and easy to access.

8 – Create and nurture your brand’s evangelists

Brand evangelists attract customers

Last but not least: a very effective and even inexpensive way to attract customers is through your brand evangelists. But who are they? They are customers who have been so successful with the solution you sold that they defend your company. And, more than that, they indicate new clients for her. Of course, to be able to create these evangelists you need to have a very well-structured area of customer success in your business. The mission of having a good relationship with the customer will pass through it, ensuring that the experience is continuously good. Then give it a voice. On your website, in the case you produce, and as soon as he has the opportunity, he will no doubt remember to recommend your company to people. And after you understand what CAC is, will be even more grateful to the evangelizers of your brand. With these tips, we hope that the task of attracting customers to your business is no longer a headache!

So, how can we help you?

 If you have any questions about the article or want to better understand how technology helps you to prospect and sell more and better, talk to a consultant. Enjoy and read two articles that will help you understand how to attract customers to your business. The first one has 31 marketing tips for you to apply every day in your company. The second addresses the importance of good customer service right from the start.

Good sales!