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With segmentation, partners will have unique features to implement the RD methodology, based on a consistent Sales Funnel. Check out!

PipeRun CRM Sales now has an exclusive segmentation aimed at Digital Results (RD) Partners. The model, called Vertical RD, was implemented according to the RD methodology and has already shown good results in the first partner agency, ODIG Digital Experts, which uses CRM PipeRun for managing and accelerating sales. The digital agency from Rio Grande do Sul works with Inbound Marketing, implementing, supporting and creating strategies with the marketing automation system, RDStation. Developing the project for ODIG Digital Express, the PipeRun team took advantage of the model and created the integrations and tagsthat make the RD Sales Funnel, talk directly to the RDStation system. This activates the Marketing Automation module, increasing sales management and closing rates using CRM. As oriented by the new partnership program of Resultados Digitais, in the unfolding of the sales track, it is suggested to partner companies that they use a very consistent model of Sales Funnel: Qualification, Connection, Solution, Negotiation and Closing.

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Sales Funnel – RD Partners

With the PipeRun Sales Funnel configuration facilities, the Funnel phases were created according to the RD Partner Program standards. In them, users see in real time, each step and can even project a Sales Financial Forecast, expanding the management of the business process.

Vertical RD brings Digital Results partners all the requirements for creating a Sales Funnel integrated with RDStation, ready and without additional cost!

PipeRun brings the freedom of each customer, partner of RD, to adjust, expand, reduce, or even improve the method according to their audience, region and segment of activity. The CRM is fully customizable by the customer, without additional costs or the need for technical support from PipeRun’s Customer Success team. It is freedom for each RD partner to develop in a unique way.

Integrating the Sales Funnel with RDStation

As RD partners make use of the system that they resell, it’s only fair to have the CRM properly integrated. In this, PipeRun presents differentials: it is possible to connect both Basic Accounts and PRO or Enterprise Accounts of RDStation. Following the autonomy rule, each RD partner can make their own configurations. It is also possible to become a reseller and start delivering along with RDStation the CRM PipeRun itself, creating an exceptional value proposition for your end customers. To anchor autonomy also in integrations, PipeRun has a help center, which facilitates implementations and eliminates doubts. For RD Partners who use the Vertical RD of CRM PipeRun, all these requirements are ready-made, properly configured,without any additional costs. With this integration, leads from marketing directly fall into the Qualification stage, eliminating all manual registration processes. This can happen automatically for leads from Social Networks, Landing Pages, Lead Score, Automation Flow, website CTA, Online Chat Service, or even for receiving emails.

Lead Qualification with CRM PipeRun

One of the most fantastic processes of RDStation is in the context of adding questions and additional fields, customized to Landing Pages, which transform them into dynamic fields, expanding the capture of lead information in Inbound Marketing and facilitating the MQL (Lead) creation process Qualified by Marketing). Vertical RD takes advantage of all the information that exists in RDStation, already anticipating actions in the Lead Qualification stage. With this integration, leads from inbound marketing fall directly into the Qualification stage. All manual processes and, above all, unnecessary costs and time are eliminated. The registration of the lead and its data can occur automatically.

Registration and Integration of CRM Custom Fields

Lead Qualification Form

Knowing that all fields in RDStation can be properly integrated with CRM PipeRun, it is time for qualification. For this, it is necessary to understand the RD model and put into practice the tips and good qualification practices. The CRM already configured in Vertical RD already includes some basic information, but each RD partner can eliminate or expand the data as needed. That’s how PipeRun created the custom forms. They serve so that the RD partner can make a complete qualification and increase the rates from MQL (Lead Qualified by Marketing) to SAL (Lead Accepted by Sales), as all data necessary for sales can be included in this form, using the information basic registration of companies and people, in addition to the fields specifically customized for the “Qualification Triggers”.

Qualification Form in the Sales Funnel Stage

Contacting the Lead

Knowing that all fields in RDStation can be properly integrated to PipeRun, it is time to call the Lead or send an email to him, both forms of contacts were included in Vertical RD.

Automating first contact via email

PipeRun has an email template creation module. But being the first contact — unlike Aaron Ross’s tips in his book Predictable Revenue  — we suggest that at this point the RD partner surprise your Lead. To do so, CRM gives RD partners the opportunity to develop HTMLs and spectacular email layouts, and also automate this sending and control, within the sales process in CRM, if the lead received and read the email.

Creating your email template

Setting “variable” fields in spectacular email

Confirming the sending and receiving of email by the lead

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Automating tag submission  for Automation on RDStation

The CRM in the Vertical RD standard also automates the sending of tags from PipeRun to RDStation, providing opportunities for the exchange of Marketing Automation for the leads that are already advancing in each step of the sales funnel. The existing level of specialization in RDStation allows RD partners to demonstrate high content management capacity and use this to create specific content and flows for each step of the funnel, even if these are controlled in PipeRun CRM Sales by team and SLA between each step.

The tags can be the triggers of RDStation marketing automation module.

Connection Step

At this stage, the Partners RD methodology foresees the development of the Briefing and the connection with the goals desired by the Lead, for which the PipeRun brings a specific form for this phase. The form is just a base, but each RD partner can add additional data, actions, questions, goals and objectives and use them as per their own business development process. For all this, CRM Vertical RD also has a form customization area, through which users can change them, at no additional cost.

Lead Briefing Form

With all the data from the Briefing and the business model of each RD partner, it is now possible to start preparing the proposal. Let’s not forget that in the Briefing phase it is also possible for the CRM to automatically send an email to the Lead, informing them of the next steps, deadlines and expanding the relationship in all stages of the funnel.

Registration and Reservation of Opportunities at Digital Results

Before submitting the proposal, RD partners must book the account so that there is no competition between partners and also the necessary support is available from RD partner, and PipeRun has turned this item into a practical process by which partners can register the reservation and have it under control.

RD Partner Pricing Format

PipeRun pricing does not automate yet. Each RD Partner must register Products and Services and also determine the standard hourly cost for a given Service. When developing the proposal, simply enter the number of hours that the system will set the prices and it is still possible to determine payment terms and limit discounts for the sales team. To support pricing, RD has a very interesting post, which you can read here. But the use of CRM made it much easier, as PipeRun has two types of value fields in each proposal. In addition to the prices of products and services, which have values ​​for each project, there is also Fee controlMonthly or MRR (recurring monthly fee), whereby RD partners can easily take control and provision their cash flow. And not least, it is also possible to register the cost and in this way already show the margins of each product, services and MRR.

Proposal Automation via CRM PipeRun for RD Partners

At this stage, each RD partner must design its proposal to make it unique, expanding its market differentials and also using emails to send the proposal. The PipeRun help center can help you do just that! According to the guidelines of the RD partnership model, partners must send a file containing all the Briefing requirements already containing the steps:

  • Goals; Goals;
  • Current scenario versus ideal scenario;
  • Projection of the current funnel x ideal funnel;
  • Segment and competition information;
  • Project scope linked to the customer’s need;
  • Service package; Success Cases (extra information);
  • Service investment; ROI;
  • Proposal validity period;
  • Schedule and short presentation of the agency (extra information);

Each RD partner will be able to use the PipeRun Proposal Template Formatter facility, and thus have a pre-formatted template available, which will reduce the time of the sales team in bureaucratic processes. The company will also be able to standardize the models and submissions of proposals. To further automate each RD partner can configure a specific email template for each type of proposal. This is a very important differential, as the partner companies are selling services that are focused on marketing and sales, it is only fair to demonstrate high performance and knowledge to your end customer. In addition to these two highly-needed features, PipeRun also provides the opportunity during proposal submission — or in any other email and funnel step — to attach institutional files, “short form” in the RD partner program. These submissions are automated in PipeRun with the read confirmation (email tracking) by the lead directly on the email preview screen. This screen is strategically available within each opportunity and properly connected to Google’s email system.

Registering the Proposal in Vertical RD in CRM PipeRun

In possession of all the descriptions, notes, service models registered in the briefing phase and prices, we can now start the registration of the proposal, which takes into account expiration date and also a forecast closing date. Furthermore, with the products and services registered, it is easy to include each one of them in the proposal.

Registering the Payment Method, Delivery Dates and Deadlines for the RDStation Project

At the bottom of the proposal is the financial part, which highlights the separation and totalization of the values ​​of Products and Services from those of the Monthly Fee (MRR). Another important part is the detailing of the project delivery, with deadlines and necessary descriptions, in-scope and out-of-scope items and the limitations involving the services described in the proposals, leaving everything transparent according to the guidelines of the RD partner plan.

Follow Up of Opportunities and Communication with Lead

Before you have “GAIN”, you need even more communication and follow-upof opportunities. Activity schedules and full control of processes are required, which are fundamental, as in all other stages. PipeRun provides integrations with Voip and also records all calls directly on the opportunity, making it easier for VP of Sales or Managers or Supervisors to support and coach their team, improving all stages and sales processes of RD partners. When it comes to Voip, each RD partner can recharge Voip directly via PipeRun with reduced costs and without adding to the TotalVoice partner table, everything was created to professionalize and automate the sales area of ​​RD partners. To understand a little more about the integration of CRM Vertical RD with TotalVoice, see the PipeRun help center. With the integration, it is possible to take advantage of cost reduction, process improvement and call recording. The WebPhone is always available within opportunities, without the need to change screens or access another system. It’s really integrated! And with just one click on the contacts’ phone number, he makes the call and saves, making it available in the history. The user can add notes to each call.

Activity Control and Email Alerts

In all activities, even those configured in the CRM automation process or registered can generate alerts. PipeRun even sends the list of activities, late and upcoming, daily to the entire team that is properly focused on the sales funnel goals and targets of the RD partners.

Chat with Leads while accessing Online Proposals

After automating the submission of proposals, they also have a private link and are limited to the terms existing in the proposals. Each RD partner can start using chat even in the free version.

With this facility, when accessing the proposal, the leads already have the sales team available to eliminate any doubts and can still click on the proposal footer, making the proposal approval. Each approval can request the CPF of the lead and make a security key, with access to the Revenue to confirm the name and CPF of the one who is approving the proposal.

Bid Closing Step via PipeRun Sales CRM

RD partners have a complete support structure from RD ‘s Customer Success and Partner Success team for partner sales closings. Thus, it will be quite common for us to find partners who will simply drag the opportunities into the WIN phase and move on to the delivery work. Because it is only possible to celebrate even when the client is successful with their project.

Lost or Frozen Proposals

When there is a lost or frozen proposal, RD partners can register specific tags in the CRM and these start to activate certain marketing automation flows for these leads, properly separating these from the other leads, segmenting the nutrition processes. An expanded view of sales management will still be the registration of the reasons for losses and the statistical reports of these reasons.

Customer Success with RDStation

To facilitate the delivery and success processes of the end customers, conquered by the RD partners, PipeRun created a project area, so that each RD partner can correctly manage the stages, control the costs and teams involved in each project. The project will automatically create activities, facilitating contact with each customer, automating tags, distributing onboarding and guidance emails, emails with best practices files, and enabling marketing automation on RDStation for partners’ base customers

Management: RD Partners Sales Indicators and Targets

The acceleration processes of RD partners lead to total control of the sales area. From this perspective, Vertical CRM RD presents monthly, quarterly and annual sales indicators with values ​​and graphs, computing data by sellers, separating products and Monthly Fee (MRR) services, in addition to new business indicators and values, portfolio of open opportunities in the funnel and current sales position. Using the process of multiple funnels, PipeRun also allows RD partners to use CRM to manage other businesses, products, representations and additional services, not limiting the use of CRM PipeRun.