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How to have control of sales in your company

The title question reveals a need. Having control over sales within any business is essential for managers to understand which path the company is taking.

Towards growth or towards failure?

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The truth is that without having control of sales that occur on a day-to-day basis, the entrepreneur is adrift, walking in the dark and with his hands tied for any decision-making he wants to make.

But let’s face it: running a company efficiently, with all the processes in place, is not an easy task. And you, certainly more than anyone else, know this well.

However, the issue here is another. It is necessary, relentlessly, to seek to optimize everything that happens in your company’s day-to-day activities. All sectors need to go through this and, of course, within this reality, sales control becomes a basic item.

Even because, without selling, no matter how great the solution, no business can grow. Stagnating is half a step to going backwards. And you’re not going to wait for the red light to flash to start acting, right?

That’s why, in this article, we show you some steps to be able to have total control of sales in your company – whatever the segment. It is not, of course, an easy mission. But it is necessary to take the first step.

By doing this, you will see that it is no “7-headed bug” to be able to fully control your sales process.

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Controlling sales brings a series of benefits and makes all the difference in the companies’ results.

Why do I need to have sales control in my business? Check out the benefits!

Find financial stability. Know where and when to invest and what to focus your efforts on. Have predictable revenue and know how much the company earns and can earn in a given period.

All of this is a consequence of assertive sales management. But, of course, this is all for the long term. In the short and medium term, some benefits “pop out” when the sales that take place in the company are controlled.

We have separated some for you to check and understand the importance of controlling sales. Look:

Financial planning

Without a doubt, controlling sales decisively benefits the strategic and financial planning of any business. After all, having mastery over the stages of the sales process, it is easier for the manager to identify failures and expenses that are not necessary.

By correcting this, the new planning will be much more assertive, knowing the budget needed to carry out the mission in the best possible way.

Inventory control

Selling without knowing if the product was available. Or, without having a professional designated to implement it (in case of services)?

This simply cannot happen and it only happens in companies that simply cannot control what is sold.

If any product or service is in high demand, it is necessary to have it registered and, paying attention to this flow, constantly replace the item so that it does not go missing and your company’s image is not obviously harmed.

Optimized work

Controlling sales means making the work of everyone involved in the commercial process more assertive. If the manager knows what happens in sales and how it happens, he can identify flaws and point out best practices for salespeople to put into action.

This will make calls, emails and any customer contact much better and optimized. After all, he won’t waste time on unnecessary speeches and moments. It will only focus on generating value for the prospect, clarifying their doubts and forwarding the closing.

Better relationship with the consumer

Knowing how sales occur makes the relationship with the customer much better. As we said above, generating value to prospects, they will feel much more welcomed and secure, knowing that your company cares about them.

It is sales control that will enrich every customer contact at every stage of the buying journey. And this will be decisive for the customer not only to keep buying from your company but also to become a brand evangelizer, recommending the purchase to other people.

Much better decision making

Once you start tracking sales, decision-making becomes much easier. Only with it will it be possible to know if you need to expand the sales team, invest in technology, training, change the sales pitch… anyway.

Anything that needs to be changed will happen in a much safer and clearer way.

Proper execution of these steps really transforms your trading control.

Having control of sales in your company doesn’t have to be a problem: see 10 steps!

But how to put all this into practice? How to manage daily sales? We have separated some points that you cannot neglect.

Check out:

1 – Register all sales made

It doesn’t matter the size of the sale, the size of the customer or the time it took. Every sale needs to be registered in all its details.

It is the basic step to have sales control to know how much revenue will come in and/or how much time was spent by the salesperson to do so, for example.

2 – Stored and updated customer base

Another point that simply cannot be overlooked is the customer base. It must always be stored in one place and accessible for everyone. And, of course, be updated with each new sale.

More than that, it is necessary to have a record of how the sale occurred for each person. Only then will it be possible to make new customized proposals – as is the case with an insurance sale, for example, which takes place every 12 months on average.

3 – Control the budget

Controlling the budget is one of the ways to achieve greater control over the commercial sector. It is a relevant aspect to designate an X value for sales to occur and, based on that determination, analyze how sales occur and if the results are satisfactory.

4 – Organize the pipeline

Having the sales funnel organized, with defined steps, pre-established actions is vital. More than that, it is strategic to leave automatic actions programmed – such as sending emails, for example.

This way you know what you need to do and when. Better yet: set up a specific funnel for presales.

Thus, the SDR will have time to understand whether or not the prospect is ready, mature, and secure to buy.

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Only with this verification will the seller contact you. He won’t waste time with those who aren’t ready to buy.

Note: this is controlling your sales well!

5 – Have secure KPIs

Performance indicators are essential to understanding how the team is working. In this article, we’ve broken down sales metrics so you can have much more control over the business process as a whole.

Manage the performance indicators that are essential to your company’s growth.

6 – Issue the sale

Issue invoices for each sale made. It’s simple and needs to be done. Date, time, place and amount spent. It is essential not to damage your business forecast. And, of course, essential to collect mandatory taxes.

Organize. This can be done by built-in software, making everything automatic and convenient to do. So no excuses!

7 – Set clear and possible goals and objectives

To be able to sell more and better, it is necessary to know which direction to go. Within this context, setting clear and realistic goals and objectives is essential to keeping everyone engaged in their roles every day.

8 – Keep your sellers motivated

Selling is more than hitting targets. Creating value and ensuring customer success needs to be in the scope of everyday work. But of course, for this, it is necessary to ensure that everyone in the sales sector is motivated to do so.

Commissions are important, but they need to be within standards that make sense for the company and that obviously do not compromise the profit margin.

9 – Meet periodically with the commercial team

Another way to keep track of sales (and also engage salespeople) is to have periodic feedback meetings. It is by talking to the professionals involved in the area that it is possible to identify bottlenecks, flaws in the process and, together, find a solution, a practice that makes sense for everyone.

But remember: this meeting has to be periodic and not just when problems occur. Otherwise, it will be a fruitless moment, aimed only at collections.

10 – Use technology to your advantage

As a matter of fact, the good execution of all the above items depends on a good Online CRM to work.

With it, it is possible to record all sales and all stages of it, as well as having the customer record and their purchase history.

Plus, with multiple funnels, you qualify the lead and keep it safe to sell – after all, you’ll nurture that relationship little by little.

The manager will still be able to see who is responsible for each opportunity and how it is being handled by the responsible seller.

With detailed reports, it is possible to see not only how and how much each professional worked, but also see how the entire commercial sector was performing.

From there, you have insights to improve sales, know who is doing well and who is not and, best of all: project the growth of your company!

So, how can we help you?

If you want to know how CRM helps you control your business sales, talk to a consultant today.

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Good sales!