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How to create a good sales pitch?

A sales pitch, when concise and persuasive, can communicate the value of what you sell within minutes and encourage the customer to make the purchase. For this, however, it is necessary to adopt some strategies and follow some valuable tips.

The sales pitch is the opportunity you have to turn a potential buyer’s interest into action.

But it could also be the moment when you put everything down.

If your potential customer isn’t interested in what you have to say, then they probably won’t say “yes” to your proposal.

That’s why some strategies are very important to have a sales pitch that is really persuasive.

Today’s article helps you in this regard. We’ve separated 10 ideas and strategies to give you greater persuasion power at the time of your sales demonstration.

  1. Lead with a question;
  2. Create dichotomy;
  3. Tell a good story;
  4. Give a real compliment;
  5. Follow the rule of 3;
  6. Create a sense of urgency;
  7. Let the product speak;
  8. Recognize the emotions;
  9. Show numbers;
  10. Adapt whenever necessary.

Let’s check it out?

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How to Create a Persuasive Sales Pitch? Check out 10 strategies!

For companies that adopt the inside sales sales model, the sales pitch becomes something even more strategic.

You need to be attentive to details while talking to your potential customer.

Keep in mind that this prospect has already been in a relationship with your company. You’ve already reacted to the materials the marketing team sent you.

So he has information about you. Don’t think this conversation will start from scratch, because it won’t.

So, you have a challenge ahead: to continue generating value, in an immediate and new way (with new information) for this customer.

How to do this? With the 10 Strategies for Having a Persuasive Sales Pitch we’ve put together for you.

To better understand the topics, we’ll explain each strategy with a “Right Way” and a “Wrong Way”.

Check out:

1 – Lead with a question

How to create a good sales pitch?

In your sales pitch, it’s important to always lead. The seller takes the reins of the negotiation – this, of course, always meeting what the customer needs.

If the question promises valuable information, he will want to know the answer and will remain engaged with your speech.

Right way

A representative selling a sales management system might start an argument with:

“Did you know you’re wasting hundreds of dollars with your sales team just copying and pasting emails?”

This questioning suggests important information that is missing.

At the same time, it makes the prospect reconsider the way he currently manages sales in his company.

The seller must, of course, have the information missing. That is, say how and why this money is being lost.


If the question is not convincing enough, it may not arouse the customer’s curiosity.

“What are you looking for?”

This is a very common question. But at the same time, very open. It will make the customer think of many possibilities that, perhaps, your solution does not fully meet.

So, unless you can didactically explain all the points, the prospect will not be completely convinced.

2 – Create a dichotomy

How to create a good sales pitch?

Here 3 steps are required.

  1. Start by telling the truth;
  2. Introduce another truth which, however, contradicts the first;
  3. Finally, talk about how your product or service can, in practice, solve the problem exposed in step 2.

How to do this?

Right way

Let’s say you work for a travel company. Sells tour packages.

Remember the 3 steps, right?

  1. You say, “Amsterdam is a wonderful city to see”;
  2. And he adds: “But Dutch is a very difficult language to understand”;
  3. To conclude: “That’s why we have a package to Amsterdam with a local guide who speaks fluent Portuguese”.

Did you see? You piqued curiosity, set a snag and came up with the perfect solution!


The wrong way is actually every time you don’t have a solution that resolves the counterpoint.

If you don’t have a realistic solution to the problem that really fits what the customer is looking for, then your sales pitch in this part will be ineffective.

3 – Tell a good story

How to create a good sales pitch?

Stories are engaging. People remember stories 75% of their time – and only 1% on facts and data.

Therefore, mastering storytelling strategies is valuable for a sales pitch.

When a customer is really involved in the story you tell, it’s easier for them to be interested in the solution you’re demonstrating.

Put your product or service in the middle or end of the story. Don’t get introduced to it.

Right way

Returning to the example of the salesperson selling CRM software.

Tell about how you met a person who had trouble seeing, controlling, and accelerating teams and sales.

About how much he suffered from it, spent sleepless nights and day after day worried about not being able to improve sales performance.

Remember to be customer-focused.

Until, one day, he had been looking for a solution. He searched a lot and found something that would help him (in this case, you).

From there you introduce how your relationship started – put yourself in the background here.

And tell how the implemented solution gave him a good night’s sleep thanks to solving problems with sales growing day by day.

Check this out: you brought the entire history of the conversation and reported the customer within the hero’s journey.

That person who comes back with the solution to every problem. Your prospect needs to see themselves in it.

Wrong Way

You can even tell the same story, but if you put yourself as the hero – and not the customer – everything will have been in vain.

He will not have seen himself in that same customer’s clothes with the same problems.

You’ll also see that you just want to show how amazing your product or service is, leaving aside the real pains that it also has.

4 – Give a real compliment

How to create a good sales pitch?

People like to be complimented. They may not even know how to respond to compliments, but they like it.

So use this to have an edge during your sales pitch.

Of course, the customer can see what you are trying to do.

Deep down, however, he will have a positive impression of you as long as, of course, you do it in a true and genuine way.

Right way

To be really genuine is not something you can plan for. I mean, you can keep in mind that you want, at some point, to pay him a compliment.

But have not already memorized what exactly you will say.

To get this strategy right, lead the sentences for the customer to complete something by themselves.

It could be the functioning of some feature of your software. And complement it by saying: “Exactly, very well observed. Furthermore…”

This way, you will not only be agreeing and praising the customer but also adding to the conversation and explaining something important in your pitch.

Wrong Way

Any compliment that clashes with what is being said. Praise a tie, a glasses.

Or even an obvious perception that the customer had something.

Things like “you’re very smart” will no doubt sound like exaggerations – even false.

5 – Follow the rule of 3

How to create a good sales pitch?

Instead of dumping endless data, numbers and facts on your potential buyers, choose 3 key elements you want them to keep in their minds.

This will help you remember your product faster (even to explain it).

This is especially important if he is not the one who will make the purchase decision.

Right way

Okay, we know your product has more than just 3 interesting points, but you need to narrow them down to get more grip with the prospect.

So let’s say you’re launching an app for food delivery. The 3 main points can be:

  1. Convenience in using the app;
  2. Fast food delivery;
  3. Ease of payment.

If you are launching a Saabs product that is often complex, do some research first to focus on the top 3 benefits in your sales pitch.

Wrong Way

While simplicity is generally the best policy, it can also cause problems here.

Still in the Saabs example, if you’re not really specific and expose your differential, you’ll fall into commonplace.

You’ll match the competition and, well… whoever has the lowest price will win, right? Since they are all the same.

If you don’t expose your differential you will have fatally failed.

6 – Create a sense of urgency

How to create a good sales pitch?

Mental triggers are always effective during a sales pitch. And one of the ones that works best is when you can create a sense of urgency.

Create a mechanism for the customer to feel “obliged” to close the deal as soon as possible.

Right way

Play with the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out = fear of losing) during your sales pitch.

Let’s imagine a salesperson for a digital marketing agency offering their services.

During the pitch and after talking about his cases and results, he mentions that he only has the “arm” to accept 1 or 2 more strategic clients at the moment.

This will show the prospect that, in addition to being special, the decision must be made immediately so as not to miss the opportunity to work with the agency.

Wrong Way

Simply tell the customer to think calmly or close the deal when he “is ready”.

This does not create a sense of urgency in the customer. It shows him, by the way, that it is not such an important decision and that it can be postponed.

And then, in the meantime, the competition is more agile…

7 – Let the product (or service) speak

How to create a good sales pitch?

The cliché is true during your sales pitch: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Sometimes you need to let your product speak for you and show customers why it’s so needed.

In other words, you need to show in practice how what you so often say and promise really works.

Right way

You can say that your CRM automatically sends an email to a potential customer by just moving the opportunity to one of the steps in the funnel.

Or you can show in practice how this happens by actually performing the action while talking about it.

Create the opportunity with the customer’s email, drag the opportunity and ask the customer to check their inbox.

Wrong Way

Make sure (for God’s sake!) that the automatic action is properly set up so that the action actually takes place.

If you neglect that part, well… you better have a good excuse to get around the situation.

So the wrong way is not to certify and test a few times to make sure that what you’re about to demonstrate is actually working.

8 – Recognize the customer’s emotions

How to create a good sales pitch?

Emotions are powerful tools. Play with them during your speech.

Of course, you should avoid appearing to be a manipulative person who is just looking for a sale at all costs.

Use rapport techniques to initially adhere to what the customer says – both in content and in form.

Right way

Your potential customer may be stressed out with their current supplier.

Realize this during the sales pitch and try to welcome him as soon as he reports this dissatisfaction.

Understand it, agree with it and show how, with you, everything will be different. Use some cases if possible.

Explain how your customer success area works and also your support SLA.

Give him comfort to know that there is a different reality.

Wrong Way

Playing emotions simply to get some reaction is not very productive.

Don’t lead the customer down a path where he has to badmouth his current supplier.

This will make them feel manipulated and, in fact, will not demonstrate the value of what you sell.

Rather, you must alleviate the tension that the customer may or may not bring about because of their current experience with the competition.

But you won’t be the one to force this situation. If it happens, it will be solely on the prospect’s initiative.

9 – Show numbers

How to create a good sales pitch?

While you don’t want to sound so straightforward – and know that a story is worth more than data – you need to show the numbers at some point.

Cases are important to help convince your prospect to buy.

It’s an efficient way to make them believe what you say. Some people, by the way, are only convinced or “joined up” after seeing some numbers.

Right way

Use tables, graphs and provide testimonials from some of your customers about the improvements experienced.

Enter statistics whenever you are going to talk about some feature of your service, for example.

Don’t do it all, focus on the top 3 benefits (remember topic 5?) of your solution.

Wrong Way

“What if I said that…” and then you put a fact, lost, loose, no reference, no time, no place, no agents.

Phrases like that, accompanied by loose numbers, will not make your sales pitch persuasive in this part.

Avoid placements in this way so as not to seem to “force” that something is very good without actually being able to prove it.

10 – Adapt whenever necessary

How to create a good sales pitch?

After all, your argument should always be to convince your customer.

There are many negotiation techniques, sales tactics that you can use.

All of this is valid, but only up to a point. After all, you’ll need to adapt your pitch for each of the different types of customers you’ll face.

Right way

So, let’s go back to the example of the tour company and the Amsterdam travel package.

For a young group, you can mention the bars, the parties and all the freedom that the city offers.

For a group of seniors, it is better to focus on architecture, cafes and museums, for example.

It’s simple, right?

You’re selling the same thing and it’s just a different focus because your customer isn’t the same.

That’s why following a ready-made, closed sales script won’t take you to the next page.

Wrong Way

Always use the same tone and, of course, always exalt the same things. This might even work for the first group.

But maybe, for the second one, it’s not exactly what they want to hear.

You will only have wasted time and perhaps turned the prospect away from your purchase idea.

So when working on your sales pitch, keep it concise.

Regardless of what techniques you use, keep it short so you can generate value as quickly as possible.

A really effective pitch will leave the customer wanting more.

So, how can we help you?

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The first talks about how to intelligently attract customers to your business.

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Good sales!