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How to increase sales: marketing and CRM integration

Increase sales … what company doesn’t want to do this every day and never stop, right?

However, this is not always a path that companies can easily follow – others do not even find it.

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Competition is fierce, customers are increasingly demanding and with bargaining power.

All of this has a decisive impact on the organizations operations. And it’s good that you have that clear right now.

Therefore, seeking to improve processes, reduce costs and increase day-to-day efficiency is essential.

And when this happens through technology, the desire to increase sales is much closer to completion.

But, after all, how to leverage commercial results in companies? What factors are paramount and what needs to be done?

These are questions that, from now on, we begin to answer.

We’ll talk about the importance of a sales system that, integrated with marketing, makes conversions grow.

Want to know how?

Good reading!

Before increasing sales, some requirements are necessary.

Increasing sales is undoubtedly a reality that any company pursues daily – and it couldn’t be different.

For businesses that have technology as an ally, this scenario becomes easier to achieve.

That’s because, with the use of a CRM aimed at optimizing the business process, companies can manage the entire customer journey.

The digital transformation of companies, we know, is not easy. Leaving the spreadsheet and adopting a sales system often causes fear in managers.

However, it is something extremely necessary for not only to grow and differentiate itself from the competition before the customer, but also to ensure the short and medium-term viability of the business.

Sales control is therefore essential. But, of course, we can – and must – take a step back.

Customer acquisition strategies need to make sense within the niche of activity. And defining the buyer persona of your business is a staple and cannot be ignored.

By doing this, you ensure that you are directing resources and efforts to the people who can and need to buy what you sell.

Mind you: you have to fulfill some requirements before looking to increase sales overnight.

Then, it’s time to define the prospecting channels. And then, it will again depend on the ideal client profile (ICP) .

If we think about SaaS companies, for example, it makes sense to adopt inbound marketing strategies, the so-called content marketing.

You will, on your blog, write good articles and show yourself authority on the subject.

Then produce good rich materials (eBooks, infographics, webinars, etc) that make sense to people.

Educate and show that your product or service is too good to be ignored.

To increase sales, use technology

Prospecting, nutrition, qualification and sale. The companies’ sales process needs to understand these 4 basic levels.

And, to be successful at this, the use of technology is essential – and it starts with a website, for example, attractive and intuitive.

Provide a visual form so that potential customers can leave their data and thus become leads.

If you sell a service, you can make a trial ticket available for a trial.

But in order to manage leads well, use a marketing automation platform.

They will give you the conditions to prepare that person for the time of the sales team to approach you.

And so, by the way, we started to explain the importance of the double between marketing and sales through a CRM.

But, before we get into this topic and some tips, be very clear that there are steps in the process until it’s time to sell to the prospect.

More than that: trying to jump over one of them will be a shot in the foot. You need to convey confidence to people, not despair.


8 Tips to Increase Sales with Marketing and CRM Integration

The double between marketing actions and sales tactics in companies is essential and can no longer be ignored.

Teams need to dialogue. But, more than that, having the technology on your side to deliver the results that organizations need.

That’s why we’ve separated 8 tips on how to increase sales with the integration of marketing along with your CRM software.

This way, you will have a clearer picture of how technology impacts your business.

Check out:

1 – Be quick to serve the customer

Agility is essential at all times when customer service takes place. Keeping him waiting is not recommended.

If he shows any kind of interest in you, he wants to – and deserves to be valued. Even because, possibly the competition will also receive his contact.

So, for this work to happen in an assertive way, chatbots are an excellent way to give your business the speed it needs in this interaction.

Platforms like Huggy , Zenvia and Global bot , for example, can be integrated into your website.

If the customer registers interest in the offer, wanting to know more about it, an action can be configured.

It will result in an opportunity automatically created in the funnel you want. Generally speaking, it makes more sense to pre-order it.

Integrating WhatsApp with tools like SuiteShare is another efficient way to collect leads from your website.

The conversation takes place inside the tool and is recorded in the opportunity that was automatically created in CRM after the lead conversion.

And within the business system, use automation capabilities to deliver value to the prospect and prepare him for the sales approach.

2 – Give the right answer, at the right time and to the right person

How to increase sales?

As we said before, showing authority in the segment in which you work is essential. This builds trust in people.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the lead engaged with your company. And for that, there’s nothing better than sending him good content during his journey as a buyer.

Give the right answer, at the right stage of the pipeline: this is what you need to increase the chances of closing this sale.

With the integration of a marketing automation system like RD Station , Pipz , Dinamize or Lahar, for example, the lead will never cool down.

The follow-up actions are thus more efficient – and you of course know who opened or not your email and lowered or not the rich material submitted.

Within CRM, when the lead advances through some step of the marketing funnel, you can set up an automatic action.

Here, an email can be sent with material to keep the prospect engaged with your company.

Each business has its own specific sales cycle and, therefore, it needs to be made clear that CRM will not fix the business process of any business.

The process needs to be well defined so that it can be put into practice and have all its steps optimized to the maximum.

3 – Warm up the leads that have cooled and continue to nurture the relationship

Many people fill out a form on your site, or download some of your content without much conviction of what they are doing.

When approached by the pre-sales team and asked about their interest in the solution sold, they end up saying that, for now, they don’t have it.

Or they can say that they even want to buy, but there are no financial conditions at the moment.

In the first case, it is possible to create a funnel of the disengaged within the CRM and gradually build relationships to warm up the relationship.

You can, for example, send a weekly newsletter with the best content you’ve seen.

As he opens his emails and the lead scoring hits a desired number, you can put him back in the funnel for nutrition.

The intention is to seek a new – and cautious – approach and restart the qualification and sale process.

In the second case, take advantage of your CRM’s Freeze Opportunity functionality and schedule a reminder to contact that person in the future.

Also send your newsletter to “mark territory” and show your presence.

4 – Make a more productive sales team

How to increase sales?

Productivity needs – and can – be maximized when marketing and sales work hand in hand.

More than that, it is essential to accelerate the knowledge of the entire sales force.

Implement the best practices and give everyone a work pace that guarantees what the company needs.

There are different performances within the same team and a good sales manager is certainly aware of this.

Many salespeople do better with a particular customer characteristic – whether due to business complexity, region, product knowledge, among others.

So take the time to assign the right leads to the right sellers. This can happen in two ways.

If your company does not have SDR to qualify leads, create automatic criteria for the desired lead to fall with the ideal seller.

That is, for example seller X will always serve trial leads; the Y will serve those from a certain region; Z will only take care of those who want the most advanced plan.

But if his business process foresees the use of SDR, then he can make that assignment himself by moving the lead into the funnel step.

5 – Leverage the use of the sales playbook

The sales playbook is where the companies’ business process is fully described. It is without a doubt a living document.

That’s because, if the process is never 100% complete, the playbook isn’t either.

It is essential for accelerating knowledge of sales best practices for everyone on the sales team – especially new ones.

Here, let’s be clear: this is not a ready-made sales script or a closed script of how to work.

But, yes, from a document that shows how the company sells and that exposes other important data such as the sales commission payment system, for example.

Technology, then, makes these best practices happen to the full and the mission of increasing sales becomes easier to be fulfilled.

Knowing what needs to be done, both marketing and sales will be able to fully exploit the features of their tools.

It is often necessary to “change the tire while the car is in motion”, isn’t it?

People come in and have to leave producing immediately. This is not the ideal scenario but often this is the reality.

And therein lies the importance of the playbook. Knowledge takes much less time to be absorbed and, consequently, put into practice with everything that technology offers.

6 – Put upsell strategies into practice for your customers

Selling to your existing customers is a much cheaper way to increase your company’s sales.

For example, if you sell services and a certain customer has a basic plan, invest efforts in it to purchase an enterprise subscription.

This strategy is called upselling when a product/service is replaced by another – from the same company – that is superior.

With the integration between marketing platforms and CRM, the entire business process is automated and selling to your existing customers is an efficient way to reduce CAC and ensure that goals and objectives are met.

Even easier when you have all the customer history recorded within your sales system.

You can share some content that shows the benefits of your more advanced plan.

Do this with your marketing platform and throw the lead either in the normal sales funnel, fulfilling every step of your process, or in a specific one for upsell.

In theory, this negotiation will be shorter, right? The person is already your customer and there are not as many requirements needed.

Take advantage that your sales software does not limit the creation of funnels and organize the steps well for this type of business.

7 – Invest in customer success and create evangelists

What better way to have a smaller CAC and a larger LTV than getting customers through your current customers?

Investing in customer success is one of the smartest and cheapest ways to increase sales.

Initially structure a customer success area in your company. Then, within CRM, create a funnel with well-defined steps.

This sector is proactive, always seeking to provide conditions for customers to make better use of the contracted solution.

Companies that sell software, for example, are able to monitor whether a certain user enters the tool very little.

This, when it occurs, turns on a yellow light, an alert for a possible churn.

What to do?

In addition to obviously calling and asking what’s going on, use the marketing platform to send a video, for example, showing how the possible doubt he has can be resolved.

More than that, you can and should often share news about your service’s features (what they are and how to use them).

Or, show new products and how they can be both a complementary offer ( cross-selling ) and something better – which is the theme of our next topic.

8 – Get complete insights to improve strategies

How to increase sales?

The sales process is constantly changing. It is never closed and the opening for innovation and improvement needs to be constant.

And the complete view of the funnel, with all opportunities very clear and organized in a kanban style, is essential for sales and marketing managers.

This is the first point to gain insights for improvement. Ask yourself if there are idle or overloaded vendors – the same goes for SDRs.

Then go to the reports.

One of the features that most help managers and that is present in a good CRM is the sales forecast.

This is essential to know how much will go into the cash, and if you need to bring in a new salesperson (they are, after all, overloaded), you will know immediately whether or not you have the budget to hire.

With the history of all opportunities, you can identify where your sales management fails.

Is it in the closing step? Qualification? When sending the commercial proposal? Follow up?

Find out and get focused sales training to fix this issue right away.

In this way, you will have all the conditions to increase your sales in a healthy way, fixing what is not happening in the right way, directing efforts and resources to the correct flow.

So, how can we help you?

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you sell more and better every day.

The first one has some valuable marketing tips to apply in your business.

The second covers negotiation techniques to accelerate the closing of more opportunities.

Good sales!